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Check out what my clients are saying when they complete their coaching journey with me!

“What gifts has this coaching experience given you?”

Yvette is truly a Mind-Body-Heart Connection Coach. She combines her deep intuition and natural sensitivity with solid coaching skills to create this incredible space where you can truly and deeply connect to yourself and to your inner knowing. Throughout our path together, I felt gently but firmly accompanied and supported. Yvette is also able to ask that one powerful question which suddenly opens up new insights and perspectives. She is also very skilled in identifying when you are losing alignment with your heart and with what you are committed to. I strongly recommend Yvette to anyone who is ready to start creating a life more filled with joy, purpose and light. I. Cantini

After working with you, I have greater clarity. Knowing who I am. 1-on-1 made more sense because it was more personalized. I have more fuel to continue…I’m out of the fog and not hesitating as much. [I’m] being more sensitive to my needs, kinder, more nourishing…[I’m] feeling motivated, proud of myself, thankful and confident that things are working in my best interests. G. Diaz 

Yvette listens in such a way that I feel understood; reflects poignant observations back to me that would otherwise escape my awareness. She poses questions that lead me to self discovery. B. Strang