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I just didn’t like me at the time. I felt very unworthy. I was coming out of a divorce. You helped me see more of myself regardless of what my situation was – that there was hope. You helped me create movement in my thinking…to not feel so stuck and feel so victimized. Thank you!

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! Every day I find myself making better choices in self care and foregoing some things simply because my mind is made up that a healthy body is my foremost priority. I appreciate your support and guidance in getting to where I am right now.”

“You helped me to realize my own power, and not to negate it.  You helped me set goals. I see my car with my apartment, my job, everything that you did [with me.] Things manifested. This coaching works! If you change the mindset, you change the behavior and that’s what you did for me.”

“Yvette listens in such a way that I feel understood; reflects poignant observations back to my that would otherwise escape my awareness. She poses questions that lead me to self discovery.”

I was transitioning from a marriage of 25 years… a lot of my identity was merged into being married.

When I spoke to you, you heard me – you’d see my tears and my anger. You made suggestions and helped me organize my ideas and my dreams. I felt better about myself and could talk to the kids with more hope and positivity about our situation.

Your support was always a constant..and your tools are what helped me to grow and to grow up. To say, “hey, this is now; this is my second half of life. Here I am.”

Damita McCain | Operations Manager | Mom of 2

“Prior to receiving coaching from Yvette, [life] was exhausting and overwhelming…coaching was like having a third eye – it allowed me an opportunity to celebrate me and to be honest [with myself] and accountable.”

Donna Johnson | Global Logistics Specialist | Mom of 3

“Yvette is quite committed to her clients. {She was} always present…kept her word and followed through. I learned to operate from my essence rather than from a reactionary place. My thinking was also expanded…Yvette helped me to identify growth areas and provided tools for overcoming my limitations in those areas.  I appreciate her candidness and approach to coaching.

Shari Michael | Interior Designer | Mom of 3

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