Set Yourself Free with intenSati

Have you ever felt super confident that you are being divinely guided? That’s how I feel when I think of how I was first introduced to a mind, body, spiritual practice created by, my mentor, Patricia Moreno. It’s pronounced “in-ten-Sah-tee” and it’s a soul shifting experience that combines movement, emotion and affirmations. Think: kickboxing meets yoga with powerful words that are chanted to heart pumping grooves in a community filled with love. You’ve got to experience it!

In 2012, I was desperately seeking a profound spiritual way to learn to love and forgive myself and my past deeply. I had recently left my church of nearly 20 years after finally waking up to the realization that it had been a cult. Heart broken, scared and cautious, I set out with my God to find a new form of healing, acceptance and strength that came from within. This was the beginning of learning to discover and trust my intuition.

Prime your body, mind and heart this sweat-dripping, heart-pumping, mood-lifting cardio class (think dance meets kickboxing meets yoga) that infuses powerful, positive spoken affirmations to take your transformation from purely physical to totally holistic. Move your body, free your mind, amplify your greatness. 

When the student is ready, the teacher will appear. 

~ Ancient Proverb ~

I attended my first class with Patricia and somewhere in the middle of the workout, tears began to flow down my cheeks while chanting her beautiful affirmations. The experience of reciting the simplest mantra “I am strong now” while punching my fists out in front sourcing the strength from my highest being, gave me hope from within.

I was amazed that I could generate this power and didn’t need to look outside of myself for it. This was my gift to myself! intenSati blends movement, mindfulness, coaching and sweat while elevating your energy vibration to monumental heights. I became an intenSati leader that year. I share this practice in workshops with grown ass women who are open to being set free from their negative thoughts. 

I had always been into fitness but magnetized to dance workouts like zumba and fun choreographed classes. I always love a good track to groove to. Music and dance are the most precious drug-free stimulants there are on the planet to me; well okay, let’s not forget to add making love, hugs from a child and chocolate!