What's A Moxie Coach?

I heard the word "moxie" for the first time from a speaker who had overcome many obstacles, including abuse, to create her life by design. When I researched the meaning, I knew this was what the core element that I wanted to help women to generate and own to live their best life ever.

The definition of moxie is "force of character, determination or nerve."

That's who I attract. Women with a heart consumed to serve the world, be heard, and live fully and happily expressed. Is that you? The vision is calling you but you're not taking care of yourself by getting bogged down with the responsibilities of life. How noble of you. Bull. When is it going to be your turn? You're not a victim in other areas of your life. The choice is yours. Once you make a stand for yourself, everything else will fall into place.

If you’re still reading this, you want more and are on the verge of doing what it takes to be fulfilled not only financially but spiritually, emotionally and physically. Take the leap! What do you really want? Wealth, peace, to make a difference in your community, more confidence, romantic passionate interludes, freedom to finally love yourself, your body, your past and your present?

It takes moxie to stand in your shoes and open Pandora’s box. To deal with the junk that’s mounting in the background. Are there band-aids that need to be ripped off and dealt with in your family? Or will you keep making your business the convenient distraction? Don’t wait for the hearts to harden even more – now is your time. Let’s connect on a call to explore how Moxie Coaching can support you to reach your highest vision of yourself.

Coaching Can Get Messy

As leaders on the move, we hate messes, don’t we? Yup – all those hurts, fears, regrets and guilt that’s been piled up somewhere in your throat, hips, mind or wherever it lives. It’s been one hard swallow after another and now it’s buried way down deep.

Where does it all go? You think it’s gone but wonder why you’re running out of patience and will power lately. It could be anger or resentment zapping your joy again. It can seem quite uncomfortable when the story of your life gets confronted and challenged to stop taking up so much freaking space.

Womanhood can be all consuming. But you’re not just a woman, you’re a grounded, fierce business woman on a mission trying to keep all the balls in air. Have you given up on believing you can have it all? If you’re tired of complaining about how hard and unfair it is to burn the candle from both ends without “me time”,  then you’ve come to the right coach.

When coaching doesn’t work…

Coaching is not healing of past trauma, a place to spend endless time talking about what didn’t work in the past or a vehicle where you’re sitting back asking for directions while you take a snooze. This is where you and I co-create your beautiful reality on purpose.  No victims allowed!

Where Are You on the Moxie Jet of Life?

Solopreneur? Executive? Creative professional? Stay at Home Mom Mogul? Or Multi-passionate Influencer? I’ve visited all of those stations once or more during my lifetime and have collected an arsenal of tools to make peace with it all. It takes serious intention to love and accept all of you – past, present and future. This is the first magical step to achieving peace.

What’s in your way to the badass, victorious life you desire with ease and spaciousness? How will it change if you don’t do something radical? Yes. Radical! Like invest in a coach who listen and really HEAR YOU and hold you accountable to what YOUR HEART is saying.

This is the kind of coaching that aims at the heart of your being. It ignites core shifts that stick and supports you to create freedom, joy, intimacy, abundance and even tight booties – if you do the work. What’s your dream? By when? You’re driving the Moxie Jet and I’m your co-pilot – let’s go!