My Grown Ass Journey

I’ve always known that helping women to rise above their perceived limits would be my calling.  I didn’t really have a picture of a healthy marriage when I was growing up.

I was surrounded by women who were survivors holding it together but not thriving. Most were single parents burning the candle at both ends or had chosen to live with a man who could provide money but not much in the way of love and partnership.

I watched the fire in these women’s eyes fade…

…as their health and belief in their own future became an afterthought. They channeled all of their energy into making ends meet to feed their children.  This was my mom.  That left plenty of alone time for a unicorn like me to get into trouble.

I began feeling like a victim and looking for the “fix” from others. Thankfully, the universe had a plan when my internship mentor gave me a book by Og Mandino. The concept that thoughts become things and that it’s possible to become the master of your mind were all new to me. I was hooked and began the never-ending process of taking responsibility for learning to love myself and creating my life by design.

When the Honeymoon Is Over...

Fast forward two decades. After 15 years of marriage and two kids, my husband and I were two ships passing in the night.   I stuffed my feelings with food and ate my way to over 200 pounds.  I was a bored, co-dependent and, an overweight, unfulfilled stay at home mom with untapped talent and skills. This was the not the vision I had when I left my job as a producer of a record company. What happened? 

Can you relate? Allowing other agendas to consume all of my “me time”. I began volunteering, leading, organizing and other “awesome mom” should dos while ignoring the inner call for self-care, growth and fulfillment.  I took this motherhood job maybe a bit too seriously.  As a coach, I can look back and see that I was trying to prove my worth. I slowly began to realize that I didn’t need to feel guilty for wanting more!

When our second child arrived, she was a live wire! An independent diva straight out of the womb! Mission Control, we have a PROBLEM! In hindsight, she was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was on this perfection trip to get it all right and wasn’t fully present enjoying the main freaking reason I decided to stay home. HELLO! This was a breakdown in my commitment to creating my best life. Is the honeymoon over for you?

Children Are Gurus Planted to Ignite Our Grown Ass Healing

Do you have a challenging loved one that rocks you to your core? My patience was wearing thin on the regular. I was also depressed and feeling guilty for wishing I was back at work. I knew that something had to change or else I might be locked up either in jail or a mental institution!

I had always found peace channeling my creativity through journaling, dance and exercise BUT those coping strategies weren’t enough.  I immersed myself in personal development, therapy, retreats, group gatherings, courses, seminars, workshops, intenSati, books, new moon goddess circles, hypnotherapy, NLP, RIMM, mindfulness, mediation, breath work and more!

I discovered so much about my inner child that had been suppressed and resentment toward my parents – it’s no wonder that I was eating everything in sight to numb it all. There’s a saying that “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.” Are you ready to take your life back yet?

Giving Up Your Power Is a Choice

Are your stories from the past crowding out your vision? When will you make the time to tame the bully inside so you can live your grown ass life? You’ll have to do your own push ups to see the results. I will be your partner who stands for you to push for your goal when  you feel like quitting.

Whether your goal is to get more sleep, be happier, lose weight, start a side hustle or maybe actually finish a book, it all starts with loving yourself MORE.  I’ll lend my ear, shoulder, heart, and of course, my support and experience. You’ll know how to get grounded in loving yourself and rewire the martyr mindset to be your champion who lifts you up.

You will experience delicious freedom that makes your heart sing and the courage to make your next bold move towards joy and grown ass fulfillment. YES!

You Can't Blame All Your Struggles On Hormones

Well actually you can. You can keep ignoring the signs and run on empty and never admit how bad it really is.  There’s nothing worse than a victim except a grown ass one.

I can’t remember the exact pivotal moment when it all clicked for me to get my ass in gear because, honestly, there were many. Some days it was just the smallest decision to defy the thoughts in my head and call a friend instead of suffer alone.  Do you know that 90% of those thoughts in our heads are lies?  It’s the ego that wants us to live in fear of being an imperfect mother so we keep grinding ourselves to the bone. Enough!  

The real game changer was when I took my stuff seriously enough and got support. Yeah, I had to ask for help and get creative to find that “me time” but it was freeing and that crick in my shoulder (the one that the chiropractor couldn’t fix), began to disappear.  I am eternally grateful to all of my mentors, supporters and coaches who have been some of the biggest catalysts of the self-acceptance, self-compassion and transformation in my life.