Hey Boss Woman: Is Coaching for You?

If you’ve found my site, you’re probably a pretty badass chick making tons of important decisions that make the world rock but it gets lonely sometimes doing this hustle day in and day out without support. Who you can trust with your big dream? Perhaps a coach could be a great choice for you if you’re putting yourself last on the list and ready to put your stake in the ground to change it no matter what. I remind you of your vision when things become challenging and you want to stop. We all forget our divine rights and royal gifts.  Without my own coach, I wouldn’t be able to see what’s in my blind spot. Even when I do, I’m not always reliable to take action. That’s why I continue to pay for my own coach; to keep moving forward without the beat up.

Coaching is a partnership where YOU are the expert of your own life!

Once we establish our moxie trust alliance and get clear on what YOU want, we start identifying the limiting beliefs and stories that are holding you back from taking action on your goals and other scary creations you’ve been contemplating. With compassion and love, I work with you to uncover what you really want out of life, what’s in the way and then we craft a plan together to get it. After working with me, my clients feel very clear about their mission, the action steps and have tools to manage the inner critic that tries to sabotage your wins.  Does freedom and full expression appeal to you? Freedom to write, sing, create without the crushing anxiety or wave of negative put downs from your own head?

Consulting is a partnership where advice is offered and YOU decide.

After being a coach, I discovered that some of my clients prefer the option of coaching or consulting. There are times when a client has used my powerful coaching questions to create a solution and yet want the advice from me based on the other hats I wear in marketing, parenting, video, etc. Consulting provides the additional option of utilizing all of my expertise. Remember, if you hire me as a coach, and ask me for my advice, I will always ask for permission to switch hats. My clients seem to enjoy having both option at their disposal.