When the Honeymoon Is Over...

Fast forward a few decades, after 15 years of marriage and two kids, my husband and I were two ships passing in the night.   I stuffed my feelings by emotionally eating my way over 200 pounds.  I was bored, co-dependent, and obese.  This was the not the vision I had when I left my job as a producer in creative America. What happened? 

I had consumed myself with volunteering and other “awesome mom” duties while ignoring the inner call for self-care and expression.  I took this motherhood job maybe a bit too seriously making sure our first child was reading before the age of two and doing other amazing tricks to prove my worth. When our second child arrived, she was a live wire! An independent diva straight out of the womb! Houston, we have a PROBLEM! In hindsight, she was the best thing that could have happened to me. I was on this perfection kick to get it all right and wasn’t fully present enjoying the main freaking reason I decided to stay home. HELLO! This was a breakdown in my commitment to creating my best life. What commitment are you out of integrity with that’s affecting your loved ones and sucking up your happiness?

Children Are Gurus Planted to Ignite Our Grown Ass Healing

Do you have a challenging loved ones that rock you to your core? My patience was wearing thin on the regular. I was also depressed feeling guilty for wishing I was back at work. I knew that something had to change or else I might be locked up either in jail or a mental institution.  I had always found peace channeling my creativity with journaling, dance and exercise BUT those coping strategies weren’t enough.  I immersed myself in personal development, therapy, retreats, group gatherings, courses, seminars, workshops, intenSati, books, new moon goddess circles, hypnotherapy, NLP, RIMM, mindfulness, mediation, breath work and more.  I discovered so much about my inner child that had been suppressed and resentment toward my parents – it’s no wonder that I was explosive.  Is this resonating with you?

Giving Up My Power Is a Choice

The tug of war between motherhood, honoring my creativity, desire to serve and earn great money with my own business did not have to be an either-or conversation. I could do both because I co-create my reality if I say so.  Are your stories from the past crowding out your vision? When will you tame the bully inside so you can live your grown ass life? If you’re creative like me, the mindset work is a daily necessity like exercising a muscle. While I won’t do your lifting for you, I will stand for you when you feel like quitting. I’ll lend my ear, shoulder, heart, and of course, my coaching tools and experience to help you recall your true essence so you can get grounded to make your next bold move.

You Can't Blame All Your Struggles On Hormones

Well actually you can. You can keep ignoring the signs and live in fear of change or telling someone just how bad it really is.  There’s nothing worse than a victim except a grown as victim. I can’t remember the exact pivotal moment when it all clicked for me to get my ass in gear because, honestly, some days it was just the smallest decision to defy the thoughts in my head and call a friend instead of suffer alone.  Do you know that 90% of those thoughts in our heads are lies?  It’s the go that wants us to live in fear of being an imperfect human.  The real game changer was when I began consistently working with a personal coach on my personal and professional life.  As the trust grew, the padlock on the layers of my heart opened and it remains to this day one of the biggest catalyst for change and self-acceptance in my life.