What My Clients Say...

I love partnering with women in a thought-provoking experience that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional growth using creativity and Moxie Coaching.  I'm truly grateful to share what a few of my clients want you to know about me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you. Every day I find myself making better choices in self care and foregoing some things simply because my mind is made up that a healthy body is my foremost priority. I appreciate your support and guidance in getting to where I am right now. It’s a whole lot of progress believe me. Be sure I will do you proud!
~ Elizabeth ~

Prior to receiving coaching from Yvette, I was crippled by fear and uncertain of what steps I should take. It was exhausting and overwhelming. I felt unwilling to try. Coaching was like having a third eye. Happily, I can share that coaching allowed me an opportunity to celebrate me, to be honest and accountable.
~ Donna ~

I took a chance with Yvette as my life coach, not knowing how the outcome would present itself. She wanted to get to know me! She was my support when I needed it, she guided me through my obstacles and believed in my goals!! One of the BEST DECISIONS I EVER MADE!! She is AWESOME!

~ Damita ~

Your workshop was illuminating and a dynamic initiative that challenged our students to be purposeful in their thought patterns. They were encouraged to become active participants in the navigation of their futures and responsible for their responses to the daily grind of life. …your transparency made an indelible mark upon our student body.

~ A. Shervington ~

Freshman Center