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I just finished a call with one of my mentors, Lucy Osborne, who had a radical idea – at least for me anyway – on how to finish out the rest of 2022.

She said that for the rest of December, our Community would be focusing on slowing down. “What?” I thought. Slowing down is usually the last thing on my radar during the fourth quarter of the year. I’m usually all about running 30 day challenges and slaying all the incomplete items on my agenda.

After the initial resistance, I remembered how tired I’ve been feeling during the past two weeks. In fact, I couldn’t resist the mandate from my body to get in the bed to take a nap twice this week! I decided to trust my mentor and embrace this slowing down as an experiment. Upon making that decision, I immediately felt my body and spirit relax.

How about you? What are you resisting instead of leaning to?

While the world is ramping up, I’ll be slowing down to just be. Now, that doesn’t mean I won’t finish clearing out the clutter in my office or keep inviting people to my upcoming Femme! event. It just means that I am not going to give into the media campaigns and old mindset that I haven’t done enough in 2022. In fact, 2022 has been chock full of great achievements and yes, also some heart ache.

It’s paramount to give ourselves the conscious choice by checking in with our body and heart to determine what we need.

During my morning journaling, I pondered this slowing down idea a bit more. I began to remember some of the traumatic events that have occurred earlier this year; the grief that still hasn’t fully surfaced from the loss of my mentor, Patricia Moreno. The sadness of a family member attempting suicide and, yes, there’s more. There are so many emotions living in my body that could use this time to wind down and give them the space to be heard and expressed.

How do you handle all the emotions that well up inside you?

Do you stuff them down and busy yourself until they’re forgotten for a while? I can relate for sure. In the spirit of slowing down and tuning into feel what you need, I’ve decided to host an in person N.Y. Femme! Experience to liberate your mind, body and spirit with live drums! If you’re not local, stay tuned for my next virtual Femme! in 2023. By all means, share this event with any Long Islanders who could use some permission to unpack all the stuck emotions.

In the meantime, remember, slowing down can actually give you more energy in the long run. Will you try it? I’d love to hear from you.

Happy chilling and all the best for the holidays!

Yvette Gorman-Holmes, ACC
Mind-Body-Heart Connection Coach | ICF Certified
https://YvetteGormanHolmes.com / youmatter@yvettegormanholmes.com

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