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Bouncing back as the effects of Covid-19 settle  is not easy for anyone. For Grown Ass Moms who are raising teens and adults, it’s important to recognize the mini opportunities to reclaim your life in the midst of the chaos. I call them “Grown Ass Freedom Moments.”  

Here’a quick tip for your next Grown Ass Freedom Moment to take your life back:  Stop multitasking! Oh sure you’ve heard this before but are you actually doing this? Especially when it comes to self care items like eating or showering.

Be in the moment, resist the temptation to wipe off the counter while you’re in the middle of your self care moment. Uh huh – see I know you don’t I? Resist the temptation to multitask. No writing up that list of to-dos while you’re eating or having your cup of tea.

Set a timer for yourself to enjoy five minutes alone doing nothing but sipping that tea. If you can take ten minutes, that’s even better but be intentional about what you is truly serving your soul to feel like you own your day!  Discipline yourself to stay present until the timer goes off.

I’d love to know when your “Grown Ass Freedom Moment” is scheduled for today and what you will do during your 5-10 minutes. Savor it woman!  And if you know that you need more support to make these Freedom Moments be a permanent part of who you are, book a discovery call with me to see how I can best support you.


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