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During this time of uncertainty, with the phases of Covid-19 and civil unrest in full swing, it seems that many of the grown ass moms I speak with say that morning time is one of the biggest determinants for a great or not so great day.

How about you? Are you a morning person? I am. But as the kids have come on board, I’ve become a night person too. Initially, I spent all those late nights tidying up to keep my “perfect” home thriving and sparkling. As I matured and learned to let things go or ask for help, my late nights have become a choice to be closer to my hubby to squeeze in some snuggling or completing my evening journal, accountability posts and of course, my evening mediation.  I’m still a work in progress with going to bed earlier because frankly, waking up early makes all the difference for me to feel like I own my day. When I feel like I’m the boss of my day, I’m not a mommy martyr. I am the co-creator of my reality! Bam!

Dream with me for a minute: you know that quiet space in the day when everyone is still sleeping? Ahhh! No one badgering you to do anything. No one waiting “patiently” to finish what you’re doing so they can ambush you with their agenda?  This is my sacred time when I choose to wake up early and seize my day! It’s just me and the birds. The quiet sounds of the leaves rustling, my chimes singing sweetly. The stolen space in my day that I’m not accountable anyone but me. Yes, this is my time.

When I decide to use this time for more than making checklists for the day and actually take some time to close my eyes and breathe in deeply, meditate and oh yes, visualize my future, damn, it’s so powerfully delicious and I’m on fire for my life! I feel FREE! When I’m in that flow, in sync with my desires and strength, I am fully ignited with juicy possibility for what I want to create.

What makes you feel like you own your day?

What will you do today to make that happen? It’s your day – run it or it will run you! If you’re ready to reclaim your independence from the chaos of motherhood and want support, book a discovery call with me to explore how I can better support you.


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