Take Your Life Back in 2020!

Have you blown your New Year’s resolution to make yourself a priority this year? You’re not alone and it’s not over unless you say so. This is the support you’ve been craving to get clear and take action on the life you want to live beyond motherhood! Sure, we can get lost in parenting, partnerships, emotions and freaking so much “stuff” that we don’t have time to go into on this page BUT you don’t have to stay M.I.A. in the derailment of motherhood. There’s support for you as long as you’re ready to move beyond victim and take your power back NOW. Thanks to the miracles of technology, I can connect with you live no matter where you live through Zoom video chats. What do you need right now? A Crash Course Intensive for one month of support or a Grown Ass Intervention for 3 months of support? It’s your time to choose YOU so let’s dive in and take your life back NOW!

1 month or 3 months? Which one’s for you?

First, let’s chat on a 30 minute connection call to see if we’re a “hell YES” for each other. Then, you decide whether the Crash Course Intensive is more your speed or the Grown Ass Intervention is the best fit for you.  If you need a refresher on the definitions of coaching, consulting, mentoring and therapy, then click on this link first. Then, come on back and choose the right support level that fits your needs.